What to Know About the Hunter Biden Laptop Investigations


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Whistleblower of the Hunter Biden laptop seizes long-awaited “glimmers” of justice: “I’m prepared to fight,”

The Hunter Biden laptop leaker, who was given the “death sentence” hacker title, is revealing Twitter’s and the FBI’s nefarious participation in the issue. He claims that the FBI “knew all the facts” and divisively covered up the story.

John Paul Mac Isaac said on “Mornings with Maria” on Monday. “I went up against Twitter back in 2021 when they termed my activities hacking or so dubbing me essentially a hacker.” I then turned to Twitter.

He said to broadcaster Maria Bartiromo. “Unfortunately, they swapped judges on me. Handed me an Obama-appointed judge who threw out the case with prejudice and granted Twitter. the Florida SLAPP legislation.”

In essence, Twitter “took my legs off,” she said, “preventing me from waging any future legal battles and maybe driving me into bankruptcy. Making it such that it would effectively take the fight out of me.”

Before 2020’s exposure was censored, the FBI warned Twitter about the “Hack-and-Leak Operation” against Joe Biden.

The laptop, which was left at Mac Isaac’s repair shop in April 2019 but never picked up. Included a number of harmful papers. According to an article in the New York Post from October 2020. An continuing federal tax investigation against President Joe Biden’s son is purportedly using emails outlining. Hunter Biden’s dubious offshore business transactions. But social networking giant Twitter previously prevented people from sharing it online. Alleging the news was based on “hacked data.”

“You can see how happy and enthusiastic I am about what Elon is doing at Twitter right now. Because what I have long believed to be true is confirming as facts.”

The “Twitter Files,” which were made public by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk and writer Matt Taibbi of Substack, Revealed how senior Twitter staff members approved emergency moderation. Actions to restrict the spread of the Hunter Biden laptop story. In an effort to hide the fact. Twitter under former CEO Jack Dorsey previously referred to the. New York Post’s reporting as “Russian misinformation” and the repairman’s actions as “hacking.”

Since Monday, Musk has hinted that additional “Twitter Files.” Which Mac Isaac refers to as “glimmers of justice,” may be released.


“When the internet went down as I watched it. The New York Post broke the story, but there was no discussion of it online. It doesn’t occur in a natural way. “Fox & Friends Weekend” quoted Mac Isaac as saying, “That’s something that’s organised and put up so that when the story broke. They were going to be ready, they could flick a switch. And they could shut it down.” “Sunday. And that is exactly what took place.

Mac Isaac went on to describe the financial and social troubles. He experienced as a result of how the Biden administration handled the Hunter Biden laptop incident. Saying he is “very blessed” to have avoided them.


“For me, the last several years have been rather demanding. So I’m just happy at this point that I’m starting to see glimmers of justice. Because it hasn’t always been that way for me,” the small business owner continued.

“If he [Musk] had bought Twitter during the lawsuit. I think things would have worked out a little bit better for me. But you know, it is what it is. And I’m grateful that the truth is coming out now and that I’m vindicated.” Mac Issac said Sunday.

“I won’t hold off until the Department of Justice takes action. On my front, I’ll attempt to do what I can “said Mac Isaac.

“Furthermore, I’m going to attempt to engage with Congress to provide them with all the tools and resources. Nevertheless, I’ve planned everything out “Mac Isaac threw in. “I’m prepared to wage battle on this. And I’m not going to stop till it’s all over.”

What We Know About Hunter Biden and the Probes into Him Is As Follows.
Like no other President’s child before him, Hunter Biden is at the eye of a political tempest.

Conservatives have examined his son. Hunter Biden’s struggles with drug addiction and his business activities in. Ukraine and China ever since Joe Biden declared he would run for President in 2019. In an effort to undermine his father politically. The first impeachment attempt against President Donald Trump was related to a phone call in. Which he urged Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to launch an inquiry into the Bidens.

These are some facts about Hunter Biden.
Describe Hunter Biden.

The younger of President Joe Biden’s two children with his first wife, Neilia Biden, who perished in an automobile accident in 1972 along with their infant daughter Naomi, is Hunter Biden. A former Delaware attorney general named Beau, Hunter’s older brother, passed away from brain cancer in 2015. Hunter holds a law degree from Yale Law School and has experience as a lawyer, investor, and lobbyist. Hunter Biden worked on deals with Chinese firms while serving on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas business Burisma Holdings from 2014 to 2019. His works are now being sold by a New York art gallery.

Who is looking into Hunter Biden?

Hearings into Hunter Biden’s business contacts with firms in China and Ukraine throughout the years will be held by the House Oversight Committee to see whether such actions affected Joe Biden’s foreign policy choices. According to Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky and the new head of the House Oversight Committee, the inquiry into Hunter Biden was not being conducted for partisan purposes. Hunter Biden is under investigation because, according to Comer, he poses a threat to national security and may have compromised Joe Biden. Hunter Biden’s business affairs are not anything that President Biden is connected to.

On February 8, Comer’s committee held a hearing where former Twitter executives were questioned about the choices the social media platform made in October 2020 to temporarily suppress a New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine that was based on information from a laptop that was allegedly his.

The House Judiciary Committee is preparing its own round of hearings about Hunter Biden under the direction of Rep. Jim Jordan. Jordan and fellow Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, have so far asked for documents from former top American intelligence officials who, while no longer employed by the government, published information they claimed came from one of Hunter Biden’s laptops and said it had the “classic earmarks of being from the government.”a Russian information campaign.” Some of the data and emails attributed to the laptop have since been authenticated by CBS News, The Washington Post and the New York Times.

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