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5 Best Reviews of the Keychron Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards from Keychron are best suited for productive use. They have a few distinct lines, ranging from the expensive Q-series to the more affordable, wireless K-series. Each portfolio includes a range of sizes and configurations, from small 40% boards to full-sized 100% units, as well as a choice of ANSI and ISO layouts.

Keychron keyboards are designed with customization in mind, giving users the opportunity to create a typing experience according to their own tastes. They frequently offer‘s toolkits to facilitate this modification, giving them an excellent entry point into the keyboard enthusiast world without a large entry fee. Around 20 of the roughly 185 keyboards we examined came out on top.

Best Keychron Keyboards With Buying Links

Keychron K4 (Buy It)

The Keychron Q6 and Keychron V1 are both wired-only keyboards, while the more affordable Keychron K4 is wireless and can connect to up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. If you’d like, you may also use it in cable mode. The trade-off for the wireless connectivity possibilities is the build quality and range of customisation.

The K4 employs ABS keycaps and has an all-plastic chassis, much like the rest of the K-series. Typing seems a little less premium as a result of the change in keycap material, since ABS keycaps are prone to developing shine from your finger oil over time. Nevertheless, each K-series board includes a keycap puller, making it considerably easier to swap out the factory keycaps.

Because it is still a member of the Keychron family, it is still very customisable, however it does not feature all of the tools, such as a hex key and screwdriver. On their website, Keychron even provides numerous variations of the K4, with white or RGB illumination and even an aluminium frame option if you want to significantly improve the build quality. If you don’t like the size of the board, like with the rest of the Keychron lineup, you may simply choose a size and configuration inside the K-lineup. A K-series board, regardless of type or size, is a dependable wireless device with a fantastic out-of-the-box typing experience, making it a rare jewel in the market, especially at its low price.

V Series Keychron  (Buy It)

The Keychron’s V1 is a well-built, customisable machine that lies neatly in the mid-range of Keychron’s offerings, combining the capabilities of the luxury Q-series and the budget-friendly K-series keyboards. It is available in two colorways: a solid Carbon Black and a transparent Frosted Black with a vintage Y2K appearance.

Both colours are built of a great sturdy plastic rather than the solid aluminium casings used on the Q-series, making the V1 physically lighter but significantly less premium feeling. However, the V1 has the same specialised PBT keycaps and breadth of customization as the Keychron Q6, so you can simply replace the case foam, stabilisers, switches, and keycaps.

On any desktop operating system, you may create profiles with customised RGB lighting, macros, and key assignments because it also utilises the VIA companion programme. This keyboard employs Keychron switches, which have a similar feel to Gateron switches. These switches, on the other hand, feature a box around the stem to aid with any side-to-side key wobbling. They’re a touch scratchy, but a little lubrication helps smooth out the typing experience. It also features two inclination settings to assist relieve the strain caused by tilting your wrists upwards, albeit its high profile may need the use of a wrist rest for maximum comfort.

Keychron’s Model Q6 (Buy It)

Keychron Q6 is the top-tier Keychron’s keyboard available. This full-size board is part of Keychron’s broad Q-series portfolio, which has a high build quality with an aluminium casing, a gasket-mounted construction, and long-lasting PBT keycaps.

The Q6 is the biggest board in the Q series, including a complete Numpad, navigation cluster, and function row. Yet, within this portfolio, you can find pretty much any size you choose, from the programming and writing-friendly Keychron Q2 to the small Keychron Q4 and even the more ergonomically focused Keychron Q8.

Although the typing on these message boards is really good, their personalization options really make them stand out. Each component of this board, including the top plate, switches, keycaps, and even the casing foam within the board, may be changed or replaced. It’s a terrific place to start if you want to get into the keyboard customization hobby or just have something to dabble with on your desk. Each keyboard additionally includes an

Keychron S Series (Buy It)

The Keychron S Series is a range of Keychron’s low-profile mechanical keyboards. This series incorporates elements from previous Keychron series, such as the low-profile design found on Keychron K Series keyboards, LSA profile (low-profile, spherical-angled) keycaps introduced on certain Keychron K Pro Series keyboards, and the high-end build quality found on Keychron Q Series boards.

The Keychron S1, the first release in the Keychron S Series, is a wired-only, small (75%) mechanical keyboard. It comes in a variety of configurations. White or full RGB backlighting, a hot-swappable PCB, and Red, Brown, or Blue Gateron Low Profile mechanical switches are available.

Keychron K2 (Buy It)

The Keychron’s K2 (Version 2) mechanical keyboard is a good entry-level mechanical keyboard. Its tiny and compact form makes it very easy to transport, and its outstanding build quality means you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking it.

It is entirely functional on both macOS and Windows, with the exception of a few function keys that do not work on mobile operating systems. It can connect to up to three devices through Bluetooth at the same time. Our item features tactile Gateron Brown switches, but it is also available with clicky Blue and linear Red switches. Regrettably, there is some lag.

Keychron K3 (Buy It)

A portable 75% keyboard with function and arrow keys, the Keychron’s K3 is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is compatible with both macOS and Windows since it allows you to switch between modes depending on which operating system you are using. It’s comparable to the Keychron K2 (Version 2), but with lower-profile switches.

It comes with either Gateron Low Profile or Keychron Low Profile Optical switches and a range of switch types. It features complete RGB illumination, but no specific software for remapping any keys. Keychron recommends third-party software, but we do not test for it. The typing quality of the Gateron Low Profile Brown switches that we tested is satisfactory.

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