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We rated the Ryobi Vacuum Wet Dry excellent marks in our review from last week. The Ryobi Stick Vac is a brand-new Ryobi hoover that we will now discuss. I love Ryobi a lot, as you are surely aware. The huge 18V ONE+ cordless platform is fantastic. I like how they provide professional functionality for a tool for homes while maintaining reasonable prices.

I like that I can get unassembled equipment at my neighborhood Home Depot. Yet their broad selection of useful products for homeowners is what I adore the most. The Ryobi Stick Vac Review will now begin.

Overview of the Ryobi Vacuum Stick Review

Let’s face it, there are other Ryobi Vacuums with recognizable brands like Black & Decker available on the market. Black & Decker is well-known for its Dustbuster, and since it was introduced, the company has been making portable vacuums, including stick vacuums. Even though I adore Black & Decker stick vacuums, they never seem to have enough power or runtime. They are excellent for rapid pick-ups and quick cleaning once again. For me, a little bit more would be wonderful.

The Ryobi will be useful in this situation. Will it take the place of your full-size plugin hoover, in your opinion? No, that hoover won’t be replaced with it. The Ryobi, though, has a tonne of force and will enable you to knock that large upright over fewer times, so it’s a win.

The Ryobi is significantly more powerful and long-lasting than the well-known Black & Decker stick vacuums, but it won’t replace your upright.

Features of the Ryobi Vacuum Review

A crevice tool, a wall mount, a wall mount charger, and an 18V battery are all included with the Ryobi Vacuum. I wish Ryobi had supplied the package with a soft brush attachment. The vacuum’s brushless motor is built for extended life and long-run periods.

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery platform, which offers over 100 products in its inventory, powers the stick hoover. The Ryobi comes with a 4Ah battery. The nice thing about this battery is that you can switch to another battery and keep working even if the hoover runs out of power. There’s no need to wait around for it to charge. The detachable battery is fantastic.

A push button with three cycles is the power button. The hoover will start in high mode after one push. If you push it once more, the hoover will switch to low mode. The hoover will stop operating after one more push.

The vacuum’s brush will begin spinning automatically as soon as it is turned on. The switch to turn off the brush is not separate. I was first concerned since we had hardwood floors. On hardwood floors, you often need to turn the brushes off because otherwise, they would merely spew all the particles over the floor. I discovered that the Ryobi works well on wood and other hard surfaces when I use it in low settings.

To reach beneath the sofa, bed, and other low locations, the stick hoover lies flat.

Two plastic wheels are used to move the hoover. The wheels are neither very soft nor very hard. It’s a strange kind of rubber. The wheels have some good bearings in them since they spin so smoothly.

In addition to the hoover lying flat, the head also rotates left and right, making it simple to turn and maneuver around objects.

It Feels Good To Hold The Handle.

The power button is placed in a spot that is quite simple to reach with your thumb. Thus there is no need for two hands. On the tool’s rear is where the battery is situated. It’s not the lightest stick hoover I’ve ever used, but it’s still rather good. It has a wonderful balance with the battery in the rear so you aren’t battling the hoover while using it.

Both the stick and the floor attachment are simple to take off. Just push a button to start the disassembly process. In the main unit, there is a canister where all the dirt is collected. You may quickly dump the canister into your trash by pressing a button. Press a button, and the canister slips off if you need to remove it to clean the filter. Reusable, accessible, and simple to clean, the filter.

Evaluation of Ryobi Stick Vac effectiveness

Although I continue to believe that your corded upright hoover cannot be replaced, this comes quite near. There are two carpets down there. A 4′ x 6′ and an 8′ by 12′ rug each exists. I brought my beloved Shark upright hoover, about which I always brag. I used the Shark hoover to clean both rugs. The identical rugs were then cleaned with the Ryobi. Amazingly, the Ryobi still found dirt to suck up after I used the Shark to hoover. I wish I had taken a photo, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this is more powerful than a Shark or an upright; I’m simply stating that it has amazing power for a little, cordless upright.

One thing I did see about the Ryobi Vacuum was that I had to turn it down on the smaller rug. The hoover was difficult to use when it was set too high since it kept attempting to lift the rug. The truth is that it’s just a strong hoover.

Review of Ryobi Stick Vac, Value

This retails for approximately $200 at Home Depot, and that price includes a battery. I consider it to be a decent bargain for $200. Yeah, I am aware that uprights may be purchased for less money, but the lead is still a concern.

Also, I am aware that Dyson sells a cordless model for approximately $200. Sure, that is a good hoover, however, the runtime is just approximately 20 minutes as opposed to 45 for the Ryobi. Also, you must wait for the Dyson to recharge if its battery runs out. With the Ryobi Vacuum, all you need to do is add another battery to get going.

You should test out a few vacuums for yourself, including this one. This is not one of those inexpensive vacuums with weak suction. I don’t mind the price tag because this hoover is strong and grants you freedom.

Summary of Ryobi Stick Vac Review

Overall, I adore this hoover. The hoover has a long runtime and is strong. I do notice one issue with the hoover, though. Both my wife and I adore this hoover, but I’ve already told my mother that she may have it as she lives in a tiny space, is aging, and finds it difficult to lift the uprights. The issue is that I now need to buy a second Ryobi Vacuum for our home.

The Ryobi is the model to purchase if you’re searching for a reliable and powerful upright. I like that I can swap out the battery if necessary. It charges quickly, so I don’t have to wait around. It works well on carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and even porcelain.

Brushless Pet Stick Vacuum Design 18v Ryobi

The canister has a capacity that is somewhat higher than the typical 0.5-liter canisters, 0.21 gallons (or 0.8 liters). Yet, given how successfully this hoover collected debris, we’d love to see a high-capacity model that would allow us to clean the entire home without having to stop to empty it.

It’s rather simple to empty, to be honest. One button opens the base of the canister so the contents can fall out, and another button releases the canister from the front.

A cyclonic filtration mechanism within the hoover collects up to 99.9% of allergens. Hair may, however, rise around the filter. Pop the top if you can’t get your fingers in there to remove it easily.

You Can’t Stand For Something If You Don’t

At goodness, the Ryobi Vacuum HP Brushless Pet Stick Vac can stand on its own with the twin roller bar attachment on the end! You are welcome to leave it standing in the corner once you have finished vacuuming. There is a wall hanger you can install that doesn’t take up much room if you still like for it to be off the ground.

Accessories and Conversion

Like many stick vacuums, this one may be used as a hand hoover or with attachments while retaining the long reach if the primary head is removed. Ryobi comes with a motorized small beater bar in addition to several basic accessories. When hair is present, that tool makes cleaning automobiles, furniture, and other surfaces more efficient.

The complete list of vacuum-related items is as follows:

  • 2 roller bars (primary head)
  • compact beater bar with motor
  • using a crevice tool
  • Tool for tiny crevices
  • Wall mount
  • Dust brush

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