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After an 11-year-old girl from Connecticut committed herself, a Snapchat Lawsuit claims Snapchat of “defective design” and “negligence.”

Selena Rodriguez, an 11-year-old Connecticut girl who committed herself on July 21, 2021. Was the subject of a lawsuit filed on behalf of her family by the. Social Media Victims Law Center (SMVLC) against Snap. Inc. and Meta Platforms, Inc., previously Facebook.

The social media giants. Who are the owners of the well-known Snapchat and Instagram apps. Are accused in the wrongful death case of encouraging “Selena’s addicted use of and exposure to… unreasonable. Harmful, and faulty social media goods.”

The lawsuit also highlights a growing mental health issue affecting young people in the United States. Which coincides with the development of social media and technology. The plaintiffs are filing claims for culpability based on allegations of flawed designs. Failure to adequately educate children about the dangers of social media. And carelessness with regard to hazardous items.

According to Matthew Bergman of the Social Media Victims Law Center (SMVLC). The introduction of social media was the only significant shift in teenage life that had place after 2008. Yet the study has shown that, when used by teenagers in particular. Social media has led to a veritable pandemic of mental health problems. Including severe depression, attempted suicide. And suicidal ideation rather than actual suicides.

He continued by saying that rather than uniting people, social media platforms Snapchat Lawsuit seem to be “pushing people apart.”

In 2021, a social media parental control app observed a 25% increase in teen suicide and self-harm alerts.

According to Bergman’s complaint. Selena suffered from sleep deprivation due to her “extreme addiction to Instagram and Snapchat” for more than two years. The COVID-19 epidemic, which kept many kids home from school and glued to. Their phones and laptops for extended periods of time, made the addiction worse.

Selena’s mother, Tammy Rodriguez, tried to limit Selena’s usage of social media. But when she forcibly took the girl’s gadgets, She would “ran away.” An outpatient therapist who assessed Selena. When Rodriguez sought mental health care for the 11-year-old child stated that she had never seen a patient as addicted to social media as Selena. According to the lawsuit, Rodriguez was unaware of the clinically damaging effects of social media addiction.

According to the snapchat lawsuit

“adult male Snapchat and Instagram users” asked Selena for exploitative content. Snapchat allows users to transmit photographs and messages that vanish after a certain period of time, and Selena is accused of using the software to send pornographic images. Following the sharing or leak of those images to her peers, she “faced more mockery and disgrace at school.”

The complaint claims that Selena “suffered growing despair, poor self-esteem, eating disorders, self-harm, and, ultimately, suicide” while she was receiving emergency psychiatric care in the hospital.

The businesses should be held accountable for the pain they are said to have caused Selena, according to Bergman, a personal injury attorney with 30 years’ experience who represented mesothelioma patients for the previous 20 years before founding the SMVLC.

“Tammy Rodriguez and other parents cannot be made whole financially for the death of a child. For parents, there is no loss that is worse. Nothing would stop us from protecting our children “said Bergman. “Tammy is launching this snapchat lawsuit in the hopes that, via her efforts, she can stop other women and families from suffering through what she is,” the lawyer said.

The “goal of product liability is to place a financial incentive on the maker to develop a safer product,” he continued Snapchat Lawsuit.

In a statement, a Snapchat spokeswoman said the business is “devastated to learn of Selena’s loss.”

Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of our community, the spokesman stated, even if we are unable to comment on the facts of ongoing litigation. “In reality, Snapchat makes it difficult for outsiders to get in touch with young people on purpose and instead enables them engage with their true friends without some of the social comparison and public pressure characteristics of other social networking sites. As part of our continued efforts to keep our community safe, we collaborate closely with several mental health organisations to offer in-app tools and support for Snapchatters.”

According to the surgeon general’s office, COVID-19 made the situation worse by limiting young people’s access to critical health and social services and worsening the issue, which started to become worse in the decade before the epidemic.

“Children, adolescents, and young adults face genuine and common mental health difficulties. An alarming number of young people battled feelings of hopelessness, despair, and suicidal thoughts even before the epidemic, and rates have risen over the previous ten years “Murthy stated at the time in a statement.

According to a 2018 Pew Research Center poll, almost 45% of high school students claimed to use social media every day, while 24% claimed to be online “nearly continuously.”

Online enticement reports increased by 95.7% in 2021 compared to 2020, according to data from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, early projections for 2020 suggest more than 6,600 suicide deaths among American children, aged 10 to 24, in that country (CDC).

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