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Tesla Software Update New Release Notes

Every four weeks, Tesla normally releases a new tesla software update or release for the cars. Whilst many releases offer new features and bug fixes, not every one is suitable for every automobile. Within a certain release family, each wave of releases also contains several variants and permutations for various automobile types. We default to the 4 week release family, such as 2022.24, to make it simpler to observe changes, with the option to look at any of the single releases beneath that, such as 2022.24.01.

How Can I Download The Newest Tesla Software Update?

In other words, you can’t force it manually, but after the update has been assigned to the car, you can assist it in downloading it. Connect the automobile to wifi and, if necessary, think about using a wireless hotspot to do this. Updates typically take a while to arrive in cars without wifi.

For a while, the automobile could remain at 50%. According to accounts, pushing the automobile through this phase faster involves keeping it alert because letting it sleep will stop the process. The automobile may not even go asleep if the smartphone app is left open.

Why Do Some Of The Features Or Tesla Software Update Described Above Not Apply To Me?

There are a variety of reasons why your automobile improvements could not contain a specific feature or update. Regional limitations, hardware-specific features, model-specific upgrades, and certain modifications are connected to software add-ons, such EAP or FSD, that have been acquired. Also, there are instances when software upgrades are delivered with release notes, but only Tesla test engineers receive them.

It is therefore common to not have a specified feature or update for a certain automobile. Several websites attempt to list which automobiles receive which capabilities, however this information is sometimes unreliable. For example, the blended braking update that was released in 2022.16 and the alternate routes option in 2022.28.

I believed I Was Already a Listed Feature.

A feature might not be included in every automobile, just as it might not be included in later editions even though it is there in your car. Although generally speaking, the car will only announce a new feature once, this is not a rule that always holds true because the release notes in the car are tailored to your specific vehicle. Several websites claim the function is unavailable in your country, although it has really been there for a while.

I Participate in The FSD City Streets Beta.

The FSD City Streets Beta typically lags behind normal software updates by two to three iterations. It is typical.

Numbering System

Release notes are broadly numbered using the formula a year. family. major. minor. The year is self-explanatory; however, these tend to slide during the course of the year. The family release normally increases in 4’s and is roughly the week of the year when the release family is introduced. It’s hotly contested whether major and minor release numbers include new features that aren’t part of the family. In our opinion, if there are variances, they are usually due to hardware-specific versions.

If you read the release notes, you might be curious to know how a feature has changed. We have also added a keyword search to help you do this, allowing you to type in a term or phrase and we’ll filter the results accordingly.

Updating Software

Tesla continuously adds new features by wirelessly updating the software on your car. Tesla advises that you update your vehicle’s software as soon as possible. Keep Wi-Fi active and connected whenever feasible to guarantee the quickest and most reliable delivery of software updates. Most of the time, in order to begin an update, your car has to be Wi-Fi connected (see Connecting to Wi-Fi).

When the following features are turned on, software updates are not made:

Sentry Mode: Keep Climate On, Dog Mode, or Camp Mode

A yellow clock symbol is seen at the top of the Controls screen when a software update is accessible. You can update software in one of three ways:

The scheduling page will appear when you tap the yellow clock symbol, and it will ask you whether you want to install the update right away or at a later time (Set For This Time) (Install Now). The yellow clock symbol becomes a white clock icon after it has been scheduled till the update starts. You can tap this clock symbol at any point prior to the update starting to postpone the update.
To find out if your car needs an update, select Controls > Software. Touch Software Update Available to get to the schedule page, if it’s there, as previously described.
Use the Tesla mobile app to begin updating. A software update is split into two stages:

Downloading Stage

The new update is wirelessly transmitted to the car during this phase. The touchscreen’s top shows a yellow download icon if a software update is available but unable to be downloaded because the car is not connected to Wi-Fi. The download happens immediately the next time the car connects to Wi-Fi. The download symbol glows green while the download is active. While you can continue to drive while the software update is downloading, doing so may halt it if your car loses its Wi-Fi connection. A yellow clock symbol appears at the top of the touchscreen when the software update has finished downloading and is prepared for installation.

Installation Phase

Driving is prohibited during installing. Your car won’t start charging if it’s plugged in until the installation is finished. Touch the yellow clock symbol at the top of the touchscreen to begin the installation step. Choose a start time for the installation by selecting Set For This Time or Install Immediately to start it now. The yellow clock symbol turns into a white clock icon before the installation starts if you plan the software update to run at a later time. You can reschedule at any time before the update installs by touching this clock symbol.

Update Preferences for Software

Based on a variety of parameters specific to each release, Tesla chooses how, when, and where to provide updates to cars. You have control over how frequently and how quickly you get software upgrades. Choose one of these choices under Settings > Software > Software Update Preferences to adjust your preference:

Standard: Get software upgrades according to the region- and vehicle-specific release schedule. A software release often has been in use on other customer cars for some time before it is made public.
Advanced: Get the most recent software updates as soon as they become available for your location and vehicle configuration. Remember that even while you receive updates as soon as possible, you could not be among the first few


Charging on the Model 3 pauses when the firmware update starts. After the firmware update is finished, charging starts up immediately. If you are operating a Model 3 at the time of the planned update, the update must be postponed.

Looking at the Release Notes

Read the release notes that are displayed on the touchscreen when a software update is finished to find out about any modifications or added features. Touch Controls > Software > Release Notes whenever you want to see the release notes for the software version that is currently running on your car.

Tesla urges you to read the release notes in their entirety. These could provide crucial safety details or Model 3 operation instructions.


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