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How to Use a White Toner Printer | A Top N Guide

When they have first introduced a few years ago, White Toner Printer completely revolutionised the customising industry.

Although they are becoming popular for producing promotional goods like can coolers, coasters, decorations, trophies, and more, their primary application is as a T-shirt transfer printer.

And for the following reasons, they have been promoted as a fantastic substitute for direct-to-garment printers, sublimation, and even screen printing

They require very little upkeep, making them incredibly simple to own; they are versatile, allowing you to create bespoke garments, promotional items, stickers, and more; and they are simple to use (though preparing artwork and making transfers is no easier than any digital printing method)

What Makes White Toner Printer Significant?

Ever since transfer printing was invented, there has been a problem: You can’t get a decent-looking print onto a dark T-shirt or hard goods. The colours seem rather drab when printed using CMYK (normal colour laser or inkjet colours) on a dark shirt or even black paper.

It resembles painting a wall that has already been painted black, crimson, or brown with a fresh hue. If you paint a black wall with yellow, you won’t get the brilliant yellow you want; instead, you’ll get a drab orange tint unless you prime the wall first. T-shirt transfers benefit from white toner priming.

Because white toner cannot be used, sublimation transfers can only be used on 100% synthetic T-shirts made of light-coloured (primarily white) materials, like polyester. Which white toner printer should you use now that there are so many alternatives available?

Available Printers For White Toner

The printer has two options: either it adds more white toner or switches it out for more black.

Several colour-led (laser) printers that contain white toner were originally CMYK printers.

C = Cyan

Magenta, or M

Yellow: Y

K stands for black.

Printers that transmit white toner

The greatest colour range is provided by such a combination. When you look at something that has been printed in full colour, you are used to seeing it.

The majority of white toner printers use white toner instead of black toner. So you purchase a CMYW printer as opposed to a CMYK printer.

W stands for white

As black toner is absent from CMYK printers, composite black is created by mixing the other three colours. If you know how to apply it, composite black looks excellent and is ideal for the majority of designs, particularly for custom T-shirt applications.

You can detect the difference between transfers printed on a CMYW printer (such as the OKI pro8432WT) and transfers printed on a CMYKW printer.

Ghost, OKI, UniNet, and DigitalHeat FX

White toner printing has four well-known brands, and they differ from one another in terms of production, customization, and branding.

1.DigitalHeat FX 

2. OKI 


4. Ghost

5. Welli Data

The printers are produced by OKI in-house. This is a sizable, reliable corporation that invented white toner transfer and the original white toner printing industry. They produce three expert models that are often used in the customising industry

A compact CMYK printer is the OKI 711WT

The professional OKI pro8432WT CMYW printer accepts paper sizes up to 11″ x 17″.

Both the white and black toner cartridges are available for the OKI Pro9541 CMYWK printer. Because it contains all five colour toners, the printer is larger, has a stand, and can print up to 13′′ x 19′′.

Well Data

The printers are produced by OKI in-house. This is a sizable, reliable corporation that invented white toner transfer and the original white toner printing industry. They produce three expert models that are often used in the customising industry

Universal Toner Printers

The following types of UniNet printers are identical in size to those of OKI printers. ColDesi has paired the iColor i550, an 8.5″ x 11″ printer, with a piece of software that enables the printing of huge images across many transfers. Neon and sublimation toners are also available. Remember that the majority of users never employ neon or sublimation novelty toners. The majority of your transactions will be basic transfers.

The OKI pro8432WT and iColor600 have identical hardware setups.

Similar print sizes are provided by the iColor800 and the OKI pro9541WT.

DH FX DigitalHeat printers from DigitalHeatFX

The most popular brand of white toner printer, DigitalHeat FX, is a bespoke combination of the greatest products from OKI and UniNet. You could be better off thinking about what package to get when deciding which printer to buy.

The success of users is significantly impacted by these goods and services

1. Professional training is required because, while printers themselves are simple to use, generating images for print, making a transfer utilising AB paper similar to EZ Peel, and using that transfer to adhere various materials to a variety of surfaces requires ability.

2. Application support: For user and technical help in business, you should never be forced to turn to YouTube. Those who often print using the systems and have access to the printers themselves should be supported by the manufacturer. They ought to be familiar with promotional items and personalised T-shirts.

3. Software: Every DigitalHeat FX bundle comes with Printer Optimizer, a RIP programme utilised by ColDesi’s whole printer lineup. With the Smart Cut software included in every DigitalHeat FX i550 package, you can produce extra-large prints using a lower amount of ink.

4. Advice: Seek a manufacturer who can offer the best advice in light of their knowledge and experience. For instance, picking the wrong heat press is the No. 1 problem call ColDesi receives from non-customers.

Although DigitalHeat FX does not manufacture or modify the OKI pro8432WT, OKI pro9541, or UniNet i550 printers, they do offer the necessary software, knowledge, and assistance to turn such printers into the finest options for customers.

White-Ghost Toner Kit

This guide mentions ghosts since it does come up when doing research. This is an aftermarket toner system kit, in contrast to the three above products. It enables you to create your white toner printer by modifying specific colour laser printer models.

Consider Ghost as a do-it-yourself method for converting a small format 8.5″ x 11″ consumer colour laser for commercial use.

The disadvantages of this concept are as you could anticipate:

Because you modified the printer, there is no warranty.

As a cheaper printer was requested to complete commercial work, it is slower.

The supplied software allows for the addition of manufacturing time to each print.

Only foreign-based email support is available (the business is situated in Germany and offers no.

Final suggestions

Printers from DigitalHeatFX

These printers may be used by your company to personalise other items outside clothing, such as wood, glass, metal, and ceramic.

These are multi-tools, these printers. They do almost all tasks related to customisation. able to personalise cotton, polyester, mixes, and light and dark T-shirts.

Also, since they create transfers, you may offer wholesale transfers to another company that provides them to other customizers in the industry. These printers may be used by your company to personalise other items outside clothing, such as wood, glass, metal, and ceramic.

The benefit of professional white toner printers is that you can now make all of these adjustments; only a few years ago, you would have needed three or four machines. Simply base your decision on your company’s demands when it comes to brand, size, and configuration.

First White Toner Printer Case Study

Any custom t-shirt store may make a lot of money from its T-Shirt Transfer division. This is especially true if you’re printing wholesale transfers to sell on white toner-based printers.

A white toner printed transfer made with EZ Peel paper has the benefit of being adaptable to practically any type of clothing. Both selling to other companies and on-site heat pressing at events are ideal uses for it.

You already know how popular t-shirt printing technology is if you’ve ever been to a mall, event, or trade fair where it’s on exhibit.

You may discover actual figures on a typical job creating various pictures and scaled graphics for printing on t-shirts at an event down below.

A Toolbox

Visits from clients, demonstrations, sample printing, and videotaping fill the four lanes of our showroom. So, to save production time, we added a second heat press to the manufacturing line in addition to using the DigitalHeat FX 8432 system. Typically, the systems come with a single, excellent Fusion heat press. But in this instance, we decided it would be preferable to increase the number of heat presses, as we advise for bigger volume companies.

The “marry” stage takes the longest in larger volume white toner transfer manufacturing. You do this to join the adhesive-coated sheet to the image-containing sheet. It took 75 seconds to marry each page for this project. It becomes obvious that adding another heat press might speed up production when you factor in the time needed to set up the transfer and peel it after it is finished.

On heat push 1, a transfer may be getting married, and on heat press 2, another transfer may be set up. Between them. Between them. The DigitalHeat FX 8432 and TWO Fusion Heat Presses were on our list of tools.

Materials and Setup Time

The graphics were thoughtfully placed on 72 11″ x 17″ sheets of DigitalHeat FX Laser Easy Peel Paper before being printed on our package using the OKI 8432WT White Toner Printer.

At Paper Saver’s Club rates, each sheet cost $3.69 and was sold in packs of 100.

The table presented below shows that there is also a fair provision for toner and drum consumption, although the majority of the materials cost for the print is in the paper. The indicated mixed sizes of 191 transfers were being sold wholesale by us. The time required for art setup and marriage came to be 1.9 hours altogether, as you can see in the chart below that shows our actual production run. Our labour rate was $16 per hour.

Profit estimations for the transfer of white toner (Market Price)

Although we didn’t sell these transfers (as we would never go head-to-head with our clients), we DID do some market research to determine how much the job would probably fetch.

Finding the profitability was also the Enjoyable part!

The majority of DigitalHeat FX system owners that offer transfers to other companies do so by the sheet and charge according to quantity.

At an average selling price of $11 per sheet for more than 50 sheets of transfers:

72 sheets at $11.00 apiece result in earnings of $792.00.

Profit from Investing

The tale, however, really, really improves at this point. Your return on investment is a gauge of how long it will take you to pay off your equipment acquisition. Your investment’s return in literal terms. By using this project as an example and our upgraded DigitalHeat FX bundle with the TWO Fusion heat presses, you would need to do around 59 of these tasks before your equipment would pay for itself.

One heat press from our basic DigitalHeat FX 8432 kit would need you to complete each task more slowly.

But, it would take you fewer tasks similar to this to break even on your equipment investment.

Of course, there are additional expenses related to running your firm, but this is a reasonable illustration of the profitability of this assignment.

Why You Need a White Toner Printer, in Four Steps

1. Flexibility

The DigitalHeat FX System’s white toner printing and Easy Peel Transfer Paper make for a potent instrument.

With the aid of these technologies, you may personalise both soft surfaces like clothing and hard items.

The custom promotional items, such as mugs, tiles, and keychains, as well as the garment and custom t-shirt industries, are also enormous.

Extreme substrate adhesion is produced by the toner’s reaction with the polymer paper.

2. Toner in white

White toner is used in white toner printers, therefore the name. These prints look fantastic on dark shirts because of the white toner. To make graphics stand out, a white toner layer is printed beneath the coloured toner. Contrary to sublimation, which requires that you only adorn white or light-coloured clothing and which does not have white ink, this works! This gives you a significant advantage over your rivals.

3. There Is No Upkeep

There is no ink, which is another benefit of the toner in this printer. Using liquid ink can lead to issues.

While using ink, you must operate your machine every day to prevent clogging. Print heads and other components of the machine are destroyed by ink blockage. Moreover, liquid inks may be untidy and typically require a “dry time” after printing.

Toner does not clog or dry out. It requires almost no upkeep. The printer may be shut off for weeks and then returned to immediately print.

This is a big benefit for amateurs or low-production businesses that don’t print frequently.

4. Fourth, Digital Printing

The advantage that white toner printing has over vinyl cutters comes from its digital printing capabilities.

The only image types that function with heat transfer vinyl are vector ones. You cannot create portraits or fade between colours.

Also, each colour in your pattern requires cutting, weeding, and application. That may be laborious to layer.

Any design may be printed out as a transfer using the DigitalHeat FX System’s white toner printing capabilities, and it is ready for use.

Using the Crio Pro8432 to Print on Black Cardstock

Industry-leading t-shirt transfer printers include Crio White Toner Printers. Because of its toner-based technology, which requires no maintenance, and adaptability, the system has gained appeal. A white toner printer that is part of the DigitalHeat FX System is sometimes referred to as a “business in a box.” This word has come to be used to characterise the system since it can adorn paper products as well as hard items, non-wearable fabrics, and garments.

Paper products like menus and invites are a terrific method to diversify your company’s product line. You may create unique products for a range of events out of inexpensive paper. A few examples are weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and birthdays.

The white toner in the DigitalHeat FX unique advertisement is another feature that makes it particularly appealing for paper printing. Users may customise black t-shirts with this, and you can print white on black cardstock.

When preparing for my wedding, I had direct experience with the price of straightforward invitations and other printed materials. As a result, when the time came to print some timelines for my wedding party, I began learning how to make it myself utilising the DigitalHeat FX System we have here at ColDesi.

Case Study on Direct-to-Film Transfers What Kind of Profit Can You Expect from the DTF-12H2?

How much money can you make with the brand-new DTF-12H2 tiny direct-to-film printer? To show you the possibilities, we conducted an ROI analysis.

A Maine Coon Cat with an Attitude is depicted in full colour in the research. The picture measures 13.8″ in height by 9.26″ in width. We completed this task as a 100-shirt retail print job in another ROI post. But in this piece, we’ll use a wholesale transfer order as the foundation for our computations.

To calculate the time and expenses, we printed 10 designs on the DTF-12H2, multiplied our results by 10, and then included in the time and costs for leading out the film after the prints.

Costs for ink, film, and powder are based on “one-off” pricing; however, purchasing in bigger quantities will result in a greater discount, which lowers your cost of goods sold.

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