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Jinx bl Chapter 13 | How, and Where to Read

Our protagonist’s spiral into powerlessness as he is made to physically coexist with his monster will be continued in Jinx bl Chapter 13. Dan had made some progress in putting his life in order after being hired by Jaekyung. He had to acknowledge that the money was nice and was covering the expenses even if he would prefer not to be affiliated with him. Because he was now in charge, he had been concerned about her grandmother, who was the lone member of her family. This does not imply that his financial choices were wise.

With the help of the money he received from Jaehyung, Dan was able to settle several of his bills. Even if his mind and soul are suffering, his other wants are being satisfied. If it means his grandma would live longer, he is ready to forfeit his dignity. Nonetheless, a significant increase in wealth will make him more noticeable and attractive. And that’s what happened when Dan received a large unexpected payment from debtors who owed him money.

Summary for Jinx Chapter 12

Despite Jakehyung having witnessed the type of life Dan had to endure, Jinx Chapter 12 demonstrated that Dan’s chances of surviving are minimal. As Jaekhyung went to see Dan, things were beginning to seem as though everything would be well. He was astounded to discover the deplorable condition of the neighbourhood he called home and the hostile surroundings. Then, for the first time, we witnessed an MMA fighter show mercy to Dan by escorting him home. Yet, he did it because Dan was becoming overly attached to him.

Dan has no recollection of the incident or what transpired after he was knocked out due to excessive drinking. He was on Jaekhyung’s bed when he awoke, but his lower back wasn’t hurting. He was relieved for a moment, but then he realised what a savage his employer could be, and he stormed off. We never witnessed Jaekhyung respond to a problem with composure; this was the sole indication of his humanity.

Spoilers for Chapter 13 of Jinx

Jaekhyung will invite Dan inside his home in Jinx Chapter 13 after knowing about his predicament. He is correct to believe that Dan was careless for not maintaining his home in light of the demolition notice. The threat to take Dan to court for failing to leave on time, however, complicates the matter. Together with the previous loan sharks threatening to harm his granny in order to extract more money from him.

Some of these concerns will be addressed by Jaekhyung later, but first, he must attend to his wishes for Dan. Dan, on the other hand, has nearly forgotten how to feel secure again; his life had always been difficult, but around Jaekhyung, he becomes even more timid. He had to lie to get into the gym since he had gotten hit in the face by a bat, but Jaekhyung managed to pull the truth out of him.


When day does Jinx Chapter 13 come out?

The release of Jinx Chapter 13 is set for February 12, 2023. The release timing is for the following regions:

Daylight Saving Time (PDT): 8:00 AM

. 10 a.m. Central Daylight Time; 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time

. 4 p.m. British Summer Time

. 8.30 PM IST is the current time in India.

. At 11 p.m. SGT in Singapore, 11 p.m. PST in the Philippines

On February 13, 2023, the Jinx manhwa will be released at the following time:

.Noon KST: Korean Standard Time

.The time now is midnight JST.

.Time Zone Australia: AEST 0:00

What website has Jinx Chapter 13?

Lezhin Comics will have Jinx Chapter 13 accessible for reading. If you want to read something lighter following the series, check out our piece on MY WEB GAME. The characters in the wholesome narrative WIFE IS A POPULAR IDOL IRL learn to get along despite coming from diverse walks of life. You may also read our article on Isekai Walking, a kid who was transferred to an other realm but choose to lead a regular life since he lacked the strength to battle the demon king.

chapter 17

Yet, he made sure to shield his sex partner from “painful reality” when carrying him in such manner (chapter 17). He wore a hoodie over his face. Hence, I draw the conclusion that Kim Dan’s fists are so strong because he has previously tamed a large bear. As he spends his days alone in his penthouse, he secretly yearns for a friend.

With this new strategy, manhwalovers will understand why I chose the title “The lost Teddy bear.” I wasn’t only talking about the primary pair; I was also talking about the grandma. Joo Jaekyung is gradually taking up the grandmother’s duties.

The halmoni, though, what about that? In my opinion, the champion should also take over for Kim Dan. She could be given “support and protection” by the champion, allowing her to stop worrying about her grandchild. Not to be forgotten is the fact that the young doctor disguised his numerous issues from his grandma. With his riches and clout, the sportsman has the power and resources needed to assist the grandma and her beloved Teddy bear. Certainly, you shouldn’t anticipate that the grandma and the athlete would get along well straight away. This will progressively alter. By doing this, the warrior enables Kim Dan and his halmoni to put the past behind them and tackle the present side by side.

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