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How Can I Find Craigslist St. Louis Apartments for Sale & Rent?

Rental scammers utilize Craigslist St Louis. Local realtors advise online users to be cautious if they are searching for properties in the region. Local realtors advise online users to be cautious if they are searching for properties in the region.

The caution follows the erroneous listing of a recently available house on Craigslist in St Louis

Elissa Mullins, a real estate agent in Craigslist St Louis, claimed that this is the third time a con artist has attempted to utilize her house on St. Louis Craigslist. Kim Vu thought she’d discovered the ideal two-bedroom rental house a few days earlier. We chose to give it a try to see if it was still available because it was inexpensive and posted for $600 a month in a great location, according to Vu.

Vu discovered a good price on the house in the 7000 block of Leona Street via Craigslist St Louis. She didn’t think twice before emailing the site’s stated contact. The answer came right away. Informed me that she was a busy surgeon who had relocated to Texas and asked me if I would be interested in providing a security deposit so that she could send me the keys so I could inspect the property myself.

Aid that the requester requested a $250 down payment in advance

Recalled thinking, “Well, this doesn’t seem right,” you know. “You’ve never wanted to transfer money to someone before. When Vu saw the sign with the realtor’s contact information on the front, she decided to drive by the house to see it in person. She discovered at that point that Craig’s List advertisement was fraudulent.

She discovered from the realtor that the house was never available for rent, but rather for sale.

Not just Vu came dangerously close to falling prey to scam

Someone is attempting to take something from us that they do not possess, according to Kathleen Terando. The house Vu was looking to rent is owned by Terando. The same con artist sent identical emails to other potential buyers who discovered Terando’s house on Craigslist St Louis.

It’s really simple for the $1,200 in payments in their wallets to vanish, leaving the individual making those payments with nothing,” Terando added. Here are some suggestions if you’re utilizing websites like Craig’s List to find a property to purchase or rent.

Always ask for a recommendation from a St. Louis Realtor if anything doesn’t appear or feel right. Also, you should never trust a personal email contact. Always come from a real estate agency,

Finally, there is an issue if you are unable to meet with the stated contact in person.

The St. Louis County Couple’s Belongings Were Stolen By Fake Craigslist Movers

Because this page is old, some of the material may be out of date. Please check the story’s time stamp to see when it was most recently updated.

KTVI – ST. LOUIS, MO A couple from St. Louis County utilized Craigslist St Louis to get moving assistance for their move to Charlotte, North Carolina. The men allegedly placed their possessions into a U-Haul truck, collected their payment, and then took everything.

After the victim viewed a Craigslist advertisement, Robinson Moving LLC was hired. On July 25, 2015, three movers arrived at his residence in the 1200 block of Pinecrest Lane. For the maneuver, he gave one of the men $1,100 in cash. He stated that although a different vehicle needed to be used to load the property, the delivery was still anticipated on time.

According to the police, the victim and his wife got another call from the driver after taking a flight to Charlotte. He said that the truck got stuck on the highway close to their new house because of mechanical issues.

The victim’s wife and he never again heard from the movers after that. The victim’s new house never received the delivery of the items. The pair first responded to the Craigslist St Louis post, but it was later removed. The victim places the approximate $30,000 worth of the items taken from his residence.

Using the phone number from the Craigslist St Louis advertisement, police have identified a suspect in this case. The victim recognized Deandre Robinson, 33, in a picture lineup as “the one that appeared in command. Several months later, Robinson was taken into custody. He is no longer being held by the police. He is accused of criminal theft.

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