Glorious Model O Review | Is It Lighter Than Razer Models?


Glorious Model O

Glorious Model o Marve louse Model O-mouse is an exquisite beauty, holy moly. The Glorious Model O appears at first appeared to be a complete nightmare for PC game pet owners. Its ultra-lightweight chassis has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. So I can already picture myself attempting to tweezer out cat hair clumps that have managed to drift into one of its numerous honeycomb-shaped hollows.

But if the Glorious Model O and its lighter Model O- sister. Which I have here on test from the guys over at Overclockers UK. Were as delightful to use, I suppose I’d be cool with it.

I didn’t believe it was possible to create a gaming mouse that was any lighter than Razer’s 69g Viper. But because of Glorious’ holey honeycomb shell, the Model O can lighter Weight just 67g, and the Model O- is even lighter at an astounding 58g. Oh my, does swishing your mouse mat around feel amazing?

Just like it’s poised and ready to run over my mouse mat at a moment’s notice, it feels so light, airy, and sensitive under my fingertips. It’s a symmetrical (but regrettably still right-hand-orientated) shape. Was also really comfortable, and I never experienced any rubbing or grating from the honeycomb holes against my palm.

It was smooth to hold after I got used to it, and most importantly, it didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and yucky when I finished playing games on it. 

And what a beauty it is. The main reason I often don’t enjoy my mouse’s RGB illumination. Is that it seems like such a meager effort in the first place? After all, if my hand would just hide the RGB logo, what good is it to have one? The Glorious Model O, on the other hand, truly nails it, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been more impressed by a mouse’s dedication to fully transform into a radioactive Skittle.

The RGB Scroll Wheel of

For instance, in addition to an RGB scroll wheel. the mouse also comes with an RGB swish down either side, which makes. It appears as though the lush hair on Glorious’ bearded logo man’s head was extended in a bright, rainbow-infused way. The holey chassis, which I think looks pretty dashing against the white matt shell of my Model O- review sample, causes. The swishes also flow throughout the remainder of the mouse. Well, a good portion of it will still be hidden by your hand most of the time, but there is still enough of it that is visible around the border. My hand to makes me happy anytime I see it.

But, given that it truly is rather a diddy thing, I can only think that individuals with larger hands than mine would find the Model O (and thus the Model O-) a little too little for their tastes. As previously noted, I received the Model O- for evaluation. Which is only 36 mm tall and 120 x 63 mm at its widest and longest dimensions. That is even more intricate than the Model O, which has a footprint of 128x66mm and is 37.5mm high. That size is perfect for me, but I doubt it will be the case for everyone.

The Glorious Model O Are Still Excellent Gaming Mice, Provided You’re Okay With That Type Of Size

Their Pixart PMW-3360 sensors feature a DPI range of 100–12,000 and come with four preset settings that are initially configured to 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI. For me, its 1600 DPI default speed was more than sufficient for both gaming. And desktop work, but you can enable two more profiles and change the DPI speeds of those profiles by installing Glorious’ free Model O software.

However, unless you flip the mouse over and check the color of the little DPI light next to the sensor, you can’t determine which DPI profile you’re using.

For instance, even after the program was installed, I hoped it would emulate other gaming mouse software and notify me. Me in some way when I adjusted the DPI speed, but sadly, it was not to be. But, as I already stated, I was content to leave it at 1600 DPI throughout my testing, so it wasn’t a major concern for me in the end.

While There Is No Other Way To Customize Its Six Programmable Buttons

I still advise downloading the software bundle. For instance, the two side buttons, two main clickers, a scroll wheel, and a central DPI button are all configurable. To do a variety of various tasks in addition to the usual forward and backward duties. They include additional mouse buttons, a triple click, and keyboard shortcuts. Macro instructions, multimedia controls, or a certain DPI speed for whatever long you keep it down. This is similar to the Sniper features seen on other gaming mice for slow, simple panning when lining up headshots and the like. The lowest speed you can set the latter option to is 400 DPI. This is regrettable, but it’s still fantastic to have this DPI Lock function present.

Also, there are choices to modify Model O’s lift-off distance, polling rate, and debounce time. Nevertheless, most of these settings can be left mostly unaltered unless you’re a competitive person. You may even choose to turn off the RGB lights entirely if you’d like.

The pricing, however, is the finest feature of the Wonderful Model O and Model O-. At the time of writing, the latter costs just £45/$50, while the somewhat bigger Model O is available for £50/$60. 

It is far less expensive than the almost as lightweight Razer Viper, and I also greatly prefer it. It to the same price as Steelseries Rival 310 and Roccat Kone Pure.

More Customizable Features Are Available On The Roccat

In Roccat Models have many customizable features but for me, the Model O’s featherweight chassis trumps having a few additional controllers at my disposal.

Of course, its little size and honeycomb shell won’t appeal to everyone. And there will undoubtedly come a moment when I curse myself forever and let my two cats near it. Yet, even after having it placed on my desk for a solid two weeks, I haven’t needed to use the tweezers.

My cats have stayed away maybe because of Glorious’ long-haired god guy on the side, or perhaps. They are simply afraid of the never-ending array of colors coming out the side. Who knows? I will, however, admit that I like the Glorious Model O- to the point. That I’m going to add a brand-new category to my best gaming mouse rankings for its, designation. It is my top pick for little hands. This strong beard deserves nothing less.

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